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At St. Christopher's, we have an Eco Council to try to make our school an even more environmentally friendly place.  They meet regularly to discuss what we can all do to achieve this goal.  Please click on the attachments below for more information about our work.

Click on the link below to contact the Eco Council with any suggestions that you would like them to consider:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This year Comic Relief, the School Council decided that we wanted to raise money by having a 'Crazy Hair' Day! The children came to school with some amazing hair styles and colours! We are delighted to say that we raised just under £300 for Comic Relief! A massive thank you to all of those who took part and donated. The School Council.


Spring term 2 and the Eco-Warriors have been busy Hedge Planting. Also during this academic year the Eco Council have organised a Bikeability training course and Tree Planting, as well as running a whole school campaign - 'Switching On to Switching Off' which looked at saving energy. Eco Council Chief Warrior - Hannah - took a whole school assembly to highlight the importance of the campaign and the Eco Council sent home a 'Sercret Mission' for all children to carry out - where the identified whether there was wasted electricity and energy in their own homes.

The Eco Council were also involved in the national campaign run by the RSPB called the Big School's Birdwatch. Over the weekend of 28th-30th January 2017, Eco Council members watched and recorded which birds entered their gardens over the period of an hour. Once back at school, they collated their results and sent them off to the RSPB.


Our current 2016 - 2017 Eco Council members:

Hannah is the Chief Eco Warrior and was elected by the whole school to run her team of Eco Warriors this year. Congratulations to Hannah.



Eco-Council 2016 2017  


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