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Years 3's Fantastic Trip Back to Ancient Egypt!

Year 3 visited the Castle Museum in Norwich to experience a day in 'Ancient Egypt!' They met many characters throughout the day who showed them Ancient Egyptian artefacts that were thousands of years old, they learnt how mummification was carried out and experienced working life as an Ancient Egyptian. Ancient Egyptian colour meaning was explained and the children had the opportunity to make their own 'collar'. The highlight was celebrating the crowning of the new bit king by chanting, "All hail, Tutankhamun!" all around the museum.

Here are some comments from the children about the day:

  • I enjoyed playing the part of the god Osiris.          Rio
  • In Ancient Egypt there was lots of hard work. Girls had to wash clothes in the River Nile and when the boys had finished cutting down flax in the fields for 8 hours they had their clothes washed by the girls too!          Lacey
  • I loved chanting over and over again, "All hail, Tutankhamun!" We had to make a procession through the Castle Museum. I was nervous about this bevause everyone was looking at us.          Jasmine
  • I liked making my Ancient Egyptian neck collar and learning what the different colours meant. My favourite was blue which represented the River Nile.          Megan


Wow! Well done and thank you once again for the brilliant homework brought in connected to our Awesome Egyptians topic! Here are some photos of the work.


Science Day 2017 – Theme was ‘Changes’

In Maple class, firstly we used balloons and rubbed them on our shirts to create a charge. We then put the balloons near our hair and as you can see in the photos – our hair was attracted and stood on end!

Pop Rockets

We also made ‘Pop Rockets’ using old film canisters. We decorated our own rockets and then using a ¼ of a fizzy tablet in the bottom of the canister, a little water was poured in, to create a reaction. Carbon dioxide gas was produced. The lid was firmly put back onto the canister and the gas pressure built up inside.

Finally when the pressure became too much it went ‘POP’ and sent the rocket flying up into the air! It was a lot of fun!

Changes in Colour

We also carried our three other experiments called: ’Fizzy Colours’, ‘Rainbow Colour Mixing and ‘Paper Towel Colour Mixing.’ 

The whole experience was a lot of fun and we learnt about how the changes happened.



World Book Day 2017

This year the children came dressed up in their pyjamas, onesies or characters from books.

As part of the day they enjoyed pairing up with our Year 5 class to hear descriptions the older children had written as well as being read to.

Also, the class worked in groups to create their own villains.

Reading opportunities were also given to them throughout the day. 


Year 3 Egyptian Day 2017

This term Year 3 will be learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. To enrich our learning we had a day which involved activities all about Ancient Egypt to launch the topic.

We learnt how to count and subtract using Egyptian hieroglyphic numbers. Also, we tasted food that both rich and poor people would have eaten in Ancient Egyptian times and made canopic jars and cartouches with our names written in hieroglyphics on.

Our year group thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt many new things.


As part of our curriculum, Year 3 are studying the pre-historic period in history. We have chosen to call this work:

Stone Age, Bone Age!

To launch the topic, all the pupils listened to and were intrigued by a story called Stone Age Boy which was read to them. It was all about a boy who one day mysteriously fell down a hole and ended up in Stone Age times! He met a girl there called Om and she showed him her way of life. At the end of the story the boy returns back to modern day times but is left wondering whether his fantastic adventure was a dream or not?

This story fired up the year group imagination and children were grouped to then come up with questions about the topic that they would like to find the answers to.

They are looking forward to researching and extending their learning and knowledge in pursuit of these answers.

See the photographs of the pupils working collaboratively on their ideas.



 Maple - Autumn 2 - Light of the World Homework



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