Willow Class Year 3


 Welcome to Willow Class


As part of our curriculum, Year 3 are studying the pre-historic period in history. We have chosen to call this work:

Stone Age, Bone Age!

To launch the topic, all the pupils listened to and were intrigued by a story called Stone Age Boy which was read to them. It was all about a boy who one day mysteriously fell down a hole and ended up in Stone Age times! He met a girl there called Om and she showed him her way of life. At the end of the story the boy returns back to modern day times but is left wondering whether his fantastic adventure was a dream or not?

This story fired up the year group imagination and children were grouped to then come up with questions about the topic that they would like to find the answers to.

They are looking forward to researching and extending their learning and knowledge in pursuit of these answers.

See the photographs of the pupils working collaboratively on their ideas.



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