St Christopher's Church of England Primary School




At St Christopher’s Primary School, we follow the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC) in Science which has been designed so that children have an understanding of the world through a scientific lens. Pupils are taught units of work that cover and go beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum in chemistry, biology and physics. In science enquiry, pupils are encouraged to use the knowledge they learn and apply it to investigations that test a theory or set out to answer a question. The children also learn about people who have made a significant contribution to the field of science over time. 

Our science curriculum builds knowledge progressively so pupils have multiple opportunities to secure and build on their knowledge and understanding as subject content is revisited at points throughout the curriculum. Our curriculum enables children to understand the important role that science plays in the sustainability of life on Earth. We want children following this curriculum to be equipped to go forth into their secondary education with curiosity, passion and a desire for discovery.


Science Intent, Implementation and Impact

science intent implementation impact final.pdf