St Christopher's Church of England Primary School


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Reverend Caroline Butcher & Reverend David Butcher


St Christopher’s is a small friendly church, which is a partnership between the Church of England and the Methodist traditions. Reverend David Butcher and his wife Reverend Caroline Butcher are the Church of England Leaders and Reverend Sang Woo Seo is the Methodist Minister. Our Sunday Services, which include Junior Church, are held each week at 11am in St Christopher’s Church on Boundary Road and on the 4th Sunday of each month at 11am there is a Café-style service in the Sports Pavilion.

Janice Gee is a member of St Christopher’s church, part of their decision making council and employed as their part time Children and Families Worker. In addition she is a volunteer with the Lightwave Community in Red Lodge.

St Christopher’s works with the school providing pastoral support for both staff and pupils and is also involved in joint activities which include; Collective Worship, “Open The Book” assemblies, After-School Clubs with the Lightwave community (Blaze for KS1, Ignite for KS2 currently held in the Sports Pavilion) and one-off events such as Experiencing Christmas and Experiencing Easter.

For more information about St Christopher's Church, pleas contact: Reverend David Butcher on 01638 515665 or or Reverend SangWoo Seo on 01638 662837



We'd also like to introduce Diane Grano who works very closely with our school and local church in her role of Pioneer Mission Enabler. 

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