St Christopher's Church of England Primary School



We deliver Music at St Christopher's Primary School through the very exciting 'Music Express Programme' in Year groups 1- 6. The chosen units of work ensure coverage of the National Curriculum and a progression of musical skills throughout the key stages. In Key Stage 1 children will be taught to sing melodies, create long and short sounds and imitate changes in pitch. They will also learn to clap rhythms and compose musical patterns using a mixture of different sounds. Children will identify the beat of a tune and recognize changes in timbre, dynamics and pitch. In lower Key Stage 2, they will sing with greater control and accurate pitch and learn to create abstract effects using instruments. Children will also recognize notes on a musical stave and learn to use a variety of musical terms to describe and evaluate music. In Upper Key Stage 2, children will sing and play expressively, in tune and with confidence. They will be taught to create songs and combine melody, rhythm and chords. Children will gain further confidence in reading musical notation and use a wide range of musical vocabulary to discuss music from different cultural contexts. 


Music Intent, Implementation and Impact

music intent implementation impact final.pdf