St Christopher's Church of England Primary School


Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher - Mrs Caroline James

Deputy Headteacher - Miss Chloe Brown

Senior Assistant Headteacher and SENDCo - Mrs Anita Warren

Assistant Headteacher and EY Lead - Mr Craig Smith


Teaching Staff

Eagles (Year 6) - Miss Louise Hurrell 

Ospreys (Year 6) - Mr Luke Etheridge (Maths Lead)

Buzzards (Year 5) - Miss Amanda Smart / Mrs Megan Macro 

Kestrels (Year 4) - Mr Simon Goddard

Falcons (Year 4) - Mr Justin Doherty 

Larks (Year 3) - Miss Danni Jarred 

Doves (Year 3) - Mrs Carolyn Snowling/Mrs Anita Warren 

Kingfishers (Year 2) - Miss Beth Sadler

Puffins (Year 2) - Miss Rosie Dixon

Swifts (Year 1) - Miss Lucy Fraser (Reading and Phonics Lead)

Robins (Year 1) - Miss Eleanor Judd / Mrs Hannah Rust (maternity leave)

Cygnets (Early Years) - Mr Craig Smith (EYFS Lead/Writing Lead)/Mrs Amy Houghton

Ducklings (Early Years) - Miss Hannah Fraser/Mrs Amy Houghton


Learning Support Staff

Cover Supervisor - Miss Petra Drobnikova

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Nicola Jarvis

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Jude Bryant

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Kirsten Kelly

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Melanie Howlett

Teaching Assistant - Miss Stephanie Dunmore 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Lucy Fudge-Nicholls

Teaching Assistant- Ms Kyleigh Double

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Liliana Marques

Teaching Assistant - Mr Andrew Exley

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Mary Ibbs 

Teaching Assistant  - Miss Georgina Salmons

Early Years Key Worker - Mrs Emily Bridge

Early Years Key Worker - Mrs Jackie Fisher


Social & Emotional Support Worker - Mrs Melanie Howlett

Social & Emotional Support Worker & Behaviour Support Assistant - Miss Stephanie Dunmore


Midday Supervisor - Mrs Karen Thorpe

Midday Supervisor - Miss Elizabeth Ibbs 


After School Provision (Night Owls) - Miss Elizabeth Ibbs

After School Provision (Night Owls) - Ms Kyleigh Double 


Other Support Staff

Office Administrator, Attendance & HR - Mrs Paula Evans

Admin Assistant - Mrs Bethany Archer 

School Secretary - Mrs Elaine Simpson


Site Manager - Mr Dean Alford

Cleaner - Mr Neville Wright

Cleaner - Mrs Karen Thorpe

Cleaner - Mrs Maria Zeferino